You have a good conversation and you laugh with them more than anything else..The feelings of anticipation, passion, and connection are mutual.You remember little things about each other like their favorite foods, the places they want to visit, their views in politics and fashion. Those are not enough. Here are some hints just to make sure..

What she'll do...

1. She let you know that she's thinking about you.
2. Tease you
3. She cook for you
4. Flirt with you
5. Appreciate the little things you have done for her

What He'll do...

1. He gives you full attention
2. Introduce you to his friends and family
3. Make plan for future for both of you
4. If you have some favor you can expect for quick action
5. Share his dreams, secrets and future with you.
6. He try to do things to give you comfort like giving you a surprise dinner.

How you'll feell

1. Happy
2. Comfortable enough to be yourself in front him/her.
3. You'll miss them when they are not around
4. Can't wait to see them, talk and kiss them.
5. Have urges to do some romantic things.

Signs that is not Love

1. Cancel dates
2. Talking about commitment makes either of you uneasy
3. Either of you are seeing other people
4. No time for each other.



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