Some guys are having trouble how to impress a woman. You don't have to be wealthy and athletic. And you will feel good about yourself when you have a confidence to do it. Here are some steps.

1. Be neat and Clean. For you to have confidence to face and talk to a woman. Woman likes neat and clean guy.

2. Demonstrate high social status. Get to know everyone at the places you go like; the party hosts, the owners, the managers, everyone. When women notice you're in a position of importance and popularity, they will become attracted to you--even if they don't realize it!

3. Tease her. Show your confidence in yourself by joking about a girl's hair or occupation. You can say, "Wow, you put a lot of effort into that hairstyle, huh?" or if she says she's a model or dancer, say, "Huh, just a model, eh? Well, that's nice." Acting unimpressed, ironically, will make her impressed. Girls are used to having guys fawn over them, so to do the opposite of what she expects will go a long way, to your advantage.

4. Crack a joke. Even if you are not handsome as long as you have a sense of humor and make her laugh. You are in. Humor is great way of attracting women.

See how easy to impress a woman? Actually there is a lot more. But this are the four very basic step.


  1. Fernando C. Zamora said...

    let me add to the tips...a guy should not only be showing confidence but also honesty - down-to-earth honesty - in purpose of making friends. i agree, humor is an important element, and last -- mingle socially :-) good post here...  

  2. Matt Jason said...

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