When it comes to the matter of love a lot of people have a lot of doubts specially when it comes to the matter of trying to figure out whether someone's love towards you is true and genuine or not. Do you know that there are ways using which you can easily figure out whether the love is really there and at the same time is it genuine or not. Read on to discover what these tricks are and achieve earth shattering results using them......

Does he/she talk about marriage- If your mate truly loves you then he or she would always talk in the long term and bring up the subject of marriage many times. You see when we are truly in love we lose the fear of commitment and we get a strong urge to be with that person for the rest of our lives.

Do they publicly say I love you to you? - This is another strong indicator that your mate truly loves you and his/her love is genuine. If the love is true your mate would not be ashamed to show public affection and at the same time they would not care about what other people think about your relationship. You would be their primary focus more or less.

Is he/she willing to share everything with you- When a person truly loves you he or she will be willing to share anything and everything with you including their secrets, money, home and everything else. You see loving someone means caring for that person's needs and making sacrifices at the same time to meet those needs. Not only this your partner would completely trust you and never question you on anything no matter what.



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