By: Steffie

Having a girlfriend is a lot of work. AS her boyfriend you have to know how to keep her happy. So here are some tips to keep her smiling.

Show her that you care:

Ask her how her day was, and ask her about herself and her family. Make her the center of your conversations. It makes her feel important, and shows that you actuall care about her.

Buy her flowers and boxes of candies just because:

Don't wait for valentines day or an anniversary to give that special someone a gift. Giving her a gift just because it's Thursday, or just because you think she's beautiful.

Give her your attention when she wants it:

Ok don't ignore your girlfriend. As a chick I know that my favorite time to bug my boyfriend is when he's watching a sports game. Give your girl your attention duringthese games. Ignoring her makes her feel unimportant to you. Something as simple as kissing her inbetween plays or talking to her on the phone while watching the game will put a smile on her face.

Pay attention to her:

Remember the smallest things about her. When she gets mad at you tell her these little tid bits. It'll shock her as to how much you actually know and care about her.

Be romantic:

Candle light dinners, strolls in the park, fun little games, compliment her even if she isn't dressed up. Tell her she's beautiful even if she just woke up and has bed hair.

Don't make sex seem like the only thing you want from her:

Don't make sex seem like its the only reason you are with her. Yes, sex is important to a relationship, but it is also healthy to just cuddle every now and then. And remember, don't be a selfish lover.



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