Tips to win her heart

A woman spends a great deal of money and even more time on her appearance to carry a proud name of a good-looking woman. A man is called a handsome one, if he looks a little bit different from gorilla. Well, that can be a bit of exaggeration.

Females like it when males are strong and masculine, but they still want a man, not an animal. So in order to attract a woman, men have some work to do.

Some men consider a beard to be an integral part of their identity or image. But these are few. The most of men shave. Could they just do it regularly? Women, regularly removing hair from much larger (than two cheeks and chin) a square of their bodies, can’t get the reason.

Some people suppose a bristle is sexy. Probably it is, but not that popular kind of a “haven’t seen a mirror for three days” bristle. By the way all women like men, who are frequent guests in the bathroom. Bad smell and dirty hair oily or with dandruff are the most unpleasant flows in anyone’s appearance. They guarantee bad impression from the very first sight and can push away anyone, not only a pretty woman. Thanks God modern cosmetological industry offers a great list of products to keep anyone clean and fresh.

The same should be done with teeth, hands and nails. Didn’t our mothers tell us how to deal with all this? Soft moisturized skin will take any woman to ecstasy. But that’s already wishful thinking; let’s stop with the necessary minimum.

Should we mention clothes? Of course, you may hit her with your style, but if a man has any doubts of his perfect taste – though usually he doesn’t – widely known classics will do.

Now let’s tell a few words about bad habits. This isn’t anti-tobacco campaign, but everyone who smokes must care about people not bearing cigarette’s smoke. There hardly exists a woman that will like smoke rings, even of the most round shape, flying in her face. Very few females would like yellow fingers and teeth of a smoker, the hair and the clothes’ tobacco smell. Nobody expects a man to give up this habit for woman’s pleasure, but he should consider her comfort.

Men drink alcohol in different portions. The question is only in amount and frequency. If a man is an expert in French vine – that is a plus, but if an expert in being the bars last client – he shouldn’t count on great popularity among women.

These are some very general rules. In fact, they are useful for any man, who wants to make a pleasant impression on people. The greater work should be done to win one’s heart. All women are different, so one can’t be quite sure what will or won’t work in every single case.

All women do love flowers and little unexpected gifts, love being treated like ladies, love care and attention. Almost every female – exception are radical feminists – likes the doors being opened in front of her; chairs being offered as she walks in; careful hands helping her take off the coat, and so on. Each and every woman can listen, but truly love being listened to with natural understanding. Also she likes it when a man shares her interests and dreams. Taking each of these steps, a male comes closer and closer to win her heart. If he can’t do all these very difficult things, he at least can try or act as if he really understands and listens.

Just remember about the famous women’s intuition that will sooner or later get through the fake. Don’t pretend, be yourself, be honest -and that can surprisingly work.



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