In fact every woman sends out signals to men. Most men can detect and read your signals in a matter of seconds. The first pulses you emit are your dress and your body language.

It’s incredibly easy for a woman to attract attention from men. Just wear skin-tight, thigh-length, revealing clothing. You’ll get lots of male attention. But will it be the kind of attention you want? Fishermen insist that the fish you catch is determined by the bait you use.

Would you like to make yourself more appealing to a man who will be attracted to you as a person and not as an object? If so, remember these tips to keep in mind when trying to attract a man.

Confidence is the number one attraction. Being more confident with yourself and your surroundings will attract someone that is equal to you. You will also notice that more people are drawn to you.

Appearance is also a big issue. Your appearance and body language may catch his attention, but it takes personality and charm to sustain a man's interest.

Realize you only have one chance to make a good first impression. If he sees you when you are at your worst then he will not want to look a second time.

Give a man a reason to think about you. Wear a lingering fragrance that haunts his memory, soft clothes that he yearns to touch and a smile that he can't get out of his mind. And don’t forget to leave a little something to the imagination. An air of mystery can be provocative and appealing to a man.

Make him feel important by focusing your full attention on him. Listen intently to what he has to say and respond with respect for his opinions, laugh at his jokes no matter how lama they are, take an interest in his interests.

And finally – don't try and be something you are not. He will be falling for a false idol and will not want to know you when he sees the real you. Let him know you're different from all the rest. Emphasize your originality through your personality, intelligence and behavior.



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